Celebrating 10 years of German Shepherd Rescue in the UK
Registered Charity Number 1141122

German Shepherd Dog Rescue-based in the UK

German Shepherd Dog Rescue GSDR- Rescuing and rehoming in England and Wales

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland - Rescuing and rehoming in Scotland

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GSDR - Established 2001

2011 sees German Shepherd Dog Rescue GSDR celebrating 10 years as a registered breed rescue, dedicated to helping these beautiful dogs.

GSDR was originally set up when the founder lived in Auchterarder, Perthshire and was known as German Shepherd Rescue UK. When the founder moved back to England, we had to dissolve GSR UK in order to register an English address. Hence the name German Shepherd Dog Rescue (GSDR) was adopted.

GSDR is now one of the largest German Shepherd Rescues in the UK and it's volunteers are responsible for rescuing and rehoming thousands of dogs over the years, many of whom would otherwise have been destroyed. We may not be perfect but we have earned ourselves an excellent reputation for helping dogs that many other rescue organisations have refused to help. Many have tried to emulate what we do and trade on our good name, but there is only one GSDR!

No dog will ever be destroyed by GSDR because it is surplus to requirement or because it may have a few issues. All GSD's deserve the opportunity to have a good life in a home where they are much loved and part of the family.

We are not just here to rescue and rehome dogs, we are also here to help and educate the public on all aspects of owning this often misunderstood breed.

GSDR is both a limited company and a registered charity and the rescue is run entirely by volunteers who are happy to give up their time and resources to help these wonderful dogs. Without our volunteers, GSDR simply could not exist. Please remember that these volunteers don't have to do this, they do it simply because they are passionate about the breed.

For further information on what we do, please see our main site German Shepherd Dog Rescue

This is to document some worrying experiences with Holmer Vets Hereford from September 2015, which in our opinion point to negligence and incompetence. Prior to that date, we had no issues, well certainly not with the more senior members of the practice.

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland - Established 2007

GSR Scotland was set up in 2007 by Liz Bowers, a Yorkshire lass who had relocated to rural Perthshire. Liz had previously been a volunteer with us and it made sense that when we moved back to England, that Liz set up GSR Scotland. Only someone who knows, lives in or has lived in Scotland will understand the logistical problems when rescuing and rehoming in Scotland. Liz and her trusted volunteers cover all of Scotland and operate with similar policies to GSDR. GSR Scotland is also a registered charity.

For further information on rescue and rehoming in Scotland, please see their website GSR Scotland


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