Celebrating 10 years of German Shepherd Rescue in the UK
Registered Charity Number 1141122

German Shepherd Dog Rescue

GSDR - established by Jayne Shenstone 2001 in Auchterarder Perthshire

a very snowy Auchterarder
The view looking over towards the Crieff hills from where I lived in Auchterarder

I was moved up to Scotland in 1993 by my company whilst I was working in the pharmaceutical industry, having previously lived on the outskirts of Coventry and having owned shepherds for many years. I was a member of the BAGSD in Birmingham and Coventry and joined the Coventry GSD display team with my young bitch Zoe. We also enjoyed a bit of agility for fun.

After moving to Scotland with my family and 3 shepherds, I became involved in rescue when I realised just how many of these dogs needed help. It started out with a bit of fostering but rapidly mushroomed from there.

I set up my own rescue German Shepherd Rescue UK in 2001 and we quickly became the biggest GS rescue in Scotland. Luckily, I had a very good job and a business that supported the work of the rescue financially.

pam and her grandson Tyler on the sponsored walk over the forth road bridge

This is my friend Pam Walker who helped me set up GSR UK. Pam is a truly devoted GSD person and without her help, I could not have achieved what we have done over the last 10 years. In spite of being in a wheelchair, Pam was one of the most active volunteers in Scotland and drove thousands of miles and spent many hours on the phone to help shepherds that needed to be rescued or rehomed.
Pam was always in charge of our annual sponsored walk over the Forth Road Bridge and she once had nearly 100 german shepherds walking across the bridge to help raise money for the rescue. What a sight that was.

This is my daughter Alice walking our big boy Ice

3 german shepherds on the forth road bridge
These were my 3 boys Athis, Mad Max (muzzled) and Ice on one of the Forth Road Bridge sponsored walks. Sadly, my boys have now all gone to the rainbow bridge but they gave us many years of pleasure and were much loved even though they tested our patience at times.

Although the rescue had originally been set up to cover just Scotland, we began to get calls from people in England and Wales contacting us either for help rehoming or because they wanted to adopt. We began to expand very quickly and managed to acquire volunteers all over the UK willing to help. I had never imagined that we would grow this big and so quickly.

In 2007 we decided that we wanted to move back to England to a more central location and in September 2007 we relocated to rural Herefordshire.

Since we could not transfer the registered address from Scotland to England, we were forced to dissolve German Shepherd Rescue UK and we adopted the name German Shepherd Dog Rescue. We kind of like the name and have stuck with it.

We have so much to do in England and Wales that we decided to leave GSR Scotland to carry on with the good work up there and concentrate on the job in hand down here.

We have many fond memories of our time in Auchterarder and of the many dogs we rescued fostered, and rehomed.

2 german shepherds playing in the garden

This is Ali the black and tan old boy who was thrown out of a car onto the M8 just outside Glasgow. He was 9-10 years old when he was put in kennels and we couldn't bear to leave him there so brought him home. He lived another 5 years and he was the friendliest most adorable shepherd you could wish to meet. Sadly he died after a massive stroke. Shan the white, moved down to England with us but sadly he died as a result of cancer in 2010 at the age of 11. Both still missed and never forgotten.


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