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Adopting a rescue German Shepherd

Ready to adopt a German Shepherd - how could you resist?

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Speak to any GSD lover and they will tell you that once you have had one, there will be no other dog you would settle for. Although some of our dogs need experienced GSD owners, we appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere with their first GSD but listen to our advice and then decide if this is the right breed for you. If so, we will match you with a dog that is suitable for a first time GSD owner - not all of them are!

The link for the adoption form is at the bottom so please read the following first before submitting.

Things to consider before applying to adopt a rescue German Shepherd

  1. Firstly, let us not forget that the German Shepherd Dog is still the first choice as a working dog for the forces such as police, RAF, army and security. Why? Because they are intelligent, have a high prey drive and love to work. They have a high prey drive so are easily trained to chase criminals!
  2. Do you have the commitment for taking on a large working breed like a GSD? If you work long hours, a GSD is not the dog for you as they require a lot of exercise, mental stimulation and love to be with you. You will never go to the toilet alone again! A bored and lonely GSD can be very vocal and very destructive. Most GSD's learn very quickly how to open doors, cupboards and fridges.
  3. Are you prepared to take your dog to training classes if need be as unfortunately they don't always come ready trained? Training classes can be fun, you get to meet nice people and your dog learns to socialise with people and other dogs. Agility classes can be a great release for your dog.
  4. Do you have young children that are used to large dogs or are you planning to start a family or have another baby? One of the main reasons people rehome their dogs is because they find they cannot cope with young children and a large active dog.
  5. Can you cope with the natural instincts of the GSD which tends to be protective and territorial? If you have a busy household, a GSD may not cope with lots of visitors coming and going. This is often a problem where there are young children who want to bring their friends around to play.
  6. Are you in a built up area or do you have close neighbours with children and animals. GSD's can be vocal and have a tendency to chase other peoples small furry creatures. They might get on with your own cat but they will hate the other neighbourhood cats, bunnies, squirrels etc. Shepherds are not always the greatest at mixing with other dogs and you may need to keep on a leash in public areas like parks.
  7. Do you have a garden? We won't rehome dogs if the home doesn't have a garden of their own.
  8. Do you live in a flat? We don't rehome to flats because they are simply not the right environment for such a large active dog. Communal concrete stairways, hallways and gardens are a no go for a dog like a GSD and as sound carries easily in flats, your neighbours will soon be complaining. GSD's need lots of space and exercise.
  9. Are you prepared for the amount of exercise this breed needs? Even mature GSD's love their long walks. Think a 2 hour treck around the forest will tire them out? Think again, they will be ready to go again after a quick bowl of water.
  10. Are you prepared for the dog hairs and grooming. GSD's only moult once a year but unfortunately the moult lasts for 365 days. You will live, breathe and eat dog hairs and the dark ones stick to your light clothing and the light hairs are attracted to your dark clothing.
  11. Are you prepared for mess? GSD's love water but prefer the dirty muddy type.
  12. If you are houseproud, don't get a GSD
  13. Can you afford an extra mouth to feed as a GSD will cost in the region of £1 per day to feed
  14. Can you afford veterinary fees? Even with pet insurance averaging £20 a month, this won't cover all veterinary costs.
  15. Will your dog be kept as a pet in the house? If not we will not consider you for adoption as we believe all GSD's deserve to enjoy a happy, comfortable life as part of the family. The saddest thing to see is a GSD kept on a chain or in a yard where it is never exercised or given any attention. Remember that ruthless criminals these days will have no qualms about poisoning, stabbing or shooting a dog that is in the way. So go get a decent burglar alarm
  16. We do not allow anyone to breed from our dogs, they must be spayed or neutered. Thousands of dogs in the UK are slaughtered every year, simply because they are surplus to requirement. Anyone breeding in the current environment is irresponsible.
  17. Ready to adopt a German Shepherd dog? Please submit an ADOPTION FORM


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