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Some of the challenges that we are facing

  1. Unrestricted breeding often for profit and with little thought to health and welfare of the dogs and puppies
  2. Ignorance. People buy a shepherd and expect it to train itself. They do not research the breed first and don't understand how much of a committment this large working breed is. They don't appreciate the amount of exercise, mental stimulation and grooming that these dogs need to be happy and healthy.
  3. Financial constraints. The economy is collapsing and putting more and more families under severe financial pressure. People are losing their jobs and houses and can no longer afford to keep their dogs. People lucky enough to have jobs are working longer hours and no longer have enough time for their dogs.
  4. Kennel costs. As we do not yet have our own kennels, we mainly rely on commercial boarding kennels to house the dogs that we cannot rehome quickly or put into foster. Kennel costs are the biggest financial burden for GSDR.
  5. Escalating veterinary costs. Since the introduction of pet insurance (not available to rescues), we have seen veterinary costs climb through the roof. Whilst big pharma, vets and insurance companies profit, small rescues like ours struggle with veterinary treatment costs. Even minor treatments are costing a small fortune.
  6. People have less disposable income to donate to charities and often it's the smaller organisations that are overlooked.
  7. Please join team GSDR at one of our FUNDRAISING EVENTS booked for this year


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